Poems for a Snowy Day

An Ode To Milk and Bread
The snow is almost here.

I must go to the grocery store I fear.

Two things on my list,

Will save me from this wintry mist.

Milk white as snow,

And bread baked to aglow.

I rush to the aisle,

Passing people all the while.

I arrive at the dairy,

With everyone looking contrary.

The milk is all gone.

Hope is withdrawn.

I put on a brave face,

There’s still hope in one place.

To the isle of grain,

Confidence fills my vein.

I bump into a granny,

Push past my cousin Fanny.

Round the corner I turn,

Desire begins to burn.

I look at the bare shelves,

People grumbling amongst themselves.

Wheat, white or rye,

It’s all gone in the blink of an eye.

I’ve a fallen short of my goal.

At this point, I’d settle for a dinner roll.

Flakes fall.

Hopes rise.

Schools close.

Soup pots open.

Heat turns on.

Alarm clocks turn off.

Hearts warm.

Worries cool.

Snow is a time machine.

It is a bringer of youth.

Childhood in a drop.

Angels of snow,

While hearts are aglow.

I once a  snowball fight.

So wild it gave my mother a fright.

My friends gathered round,

All clumped in a mound.

We battled each other, not a frown in sight.

The sound of stillness.

Peace on Earth.

Calmness spreads.

Grateful for reflection.


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