Poems for a Snowy Day

An Ode To Milk and Bread
The snow is almost here.

I must go to the grocery store I fear.

Two things on my list,

Will save me from this wintry mist.

Milk white as snow,

And bread baked to aglow.

I rush to the aisle,

Passing people all the while.

I arrive at the dairy,

With everyone looking contrary.

The milk is all gone.

Hope is withdrawn.

I put on a brave face,

There’s still hope in one place.

To the isle of grain,

Confidence fills my vein.

I bump into a granny,

Push past my cousin Fanny.

Round the corner I turn,

Desire begins to burn.

I look at the bare shelves,

People grumbling amongst themselves.

Wheat, white or rye,

It’s all gone in the blink of an eye.

I’ve a fallen short of my goal.

At this point, I’d settle for a dinner roll.

Flakes fall.

Hopes rise.

Schools close.

Soup pots open.

Heat turns on.

Alarm clocks turn off.

Hearts warm.

Worries cool.

Snow is a time machine.

It is a bringer of youth.

Childhood in a drop.

Angels of snow,

While hearts are aglow.

I once a  snowball fight.

So wild it gave my mother a fright.

My friends gathered round,

All clumped in a mound.

We battled each other, not a frown in sight.

The sound of stillness.

Peace on Earth.

Calmness spreads.

Grateful for reflection.



Auditioning, for me, is probably the most stressful part of being an actor.  The waiting period after auditioning is also particularly stressful.  You sit there waiting for a call that may or may not come.  I recently auditioned for a play and, rather than obsess about whether or not I got a part, I decided to write a few poems about auditioning.

Cold readings, warm lights.

Make bold choices, don’t be timid.

Time to wait and see.

Audition day is finally here.

They won’t like me is what I fear.

I brought my music, I know my song.

The stress has been building all day long.

It’s over now, I want to cheer.

I think instead, I’ll have a beer.

Ah, the actor’s life.

Rushing just to wait.